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A frankfurti Musikmesse kiállításon mutatkozott be a Hercules kontrollere a Dj Control Jogvision, ami a Serato Intro-val, vagy Serato Dj-vel használható. Megérkezett az első videó is róla. Egy újabb Pioneer koppintás, vagy sikerült valami egyedit alkotni? Neked mi a véleményed róla?


Néhány adat:

Two circular displays per deck
· Blue ring: speed and scratch indicator
· White ring: position indicator
· Perfect for scratching: the display indicates either the current scratch positon, or the scratch amplitude (to return to the starting point)

Displays emulating the rotation of a motorized platter
· The blue ring rotates at 33⅓ RPM
· As on professional DJ CD players, the blue ring’s rotation speed changes when the DJ alters the pitch
· Incorporating a circuit of LEDs, the display provides faster performance than an LCD, which is limited by its refresh rate

Solidly-built, comfortable DJ controller
· Large 5.9” / 15 cm jog wheels featuring touch detection
· Sturdy 17.9 x 10.0” / 45.5 x 25.4 cm body
· 2 sets of 4 progressive pads illuminated with 4 different lighting colors (each color indicates a control type)
· AIR Control for contactless control of the low-pass filter effect: the audience sees the DJ’s hand movements, thanks to the AIR Control’s 11.8” / 30 cm range

Audio design engineered for performance
· 24-bit/96 kHz resolution
· Dual Master outputs (2 RCA + 1/8” stereo) and Booth output (2 RCA)
· Headphones output
· 1/4” microphone input
· 1/8” stereo line input

Mix8Herkules feltámad?

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